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The world’s 1st platform focusing on providing digital media insights for Ramadan campaigns

Ramadan acts as Super Bowl for adverts in the Middle East. This ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar is at once a period of religious devotion and a time for the brand’s best ads productions of the whole year.
Ramadan Hub is extremely well-structured platform developed by Think Marketing Lab to create the world’s 1st platform that focuses on providing digital media insights for Ramadan campaigns.

Our mission is to communicate the power of digital media analysis and measure campaigns performance to fill the information gaps during Ramadan advertising season.

Ramadan Hub is created to feature Ramadan’s top performing campaigns by combining digital media analytics from different social media channels to help marketeers better understand and measure campaigns results.

Analyzing, interpreting, and structuring the final data for the Ramadan Hub was led by Think Marketing Lab team.

Ramadan Hub Philosophy

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