Banking has been an important part of the Egyptian culture since before the 18th century BC. Egypt has been pioneering bank-like functions for centuries, and continues to do so.

For many years, the ancient Egyptians worked with the barter system, exchanging goods for other goods as a form of transaction. It was later discovered that the country’s first currency, dated around 2750-2150 BC, was called the “Shat.”

Currently there are now over 40 banks in the country, originating from national to international companies.

Currently the country is going through many issues and fears, with much of the population being afraid of putting their money in the bank and scared due to inflation. This has led to many banks increasing their advertising spend as a way to combat these fears, and gain the trust of the public back.

Below is a comprehensive overview of the Banking industry in Egypt during Ramadan– including Facebook and YouTube video campaigns.

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