The Telecommunications industry is a strong and powerful force when it comes to its power over our everyday lives (calling family and friends, WIFI and mobile data). Many don’t realize the effect these companies have over lives since mobile technology was invented.

The Telecommunications industry in Egypt began in 1854, when the first telegraph line connecting Cairo and Alexandria was inaugurated. Since then, Egypt has become the cultural and informational center of the Arab world.

The industry is mainly controlled by three of the biggest brands, mentioned below.

Every year, people around Egypt await the classic silent rivalry of Vodafone, Etisalat and now Orange (formally Mobinil). Vodafone is widely accepted as the biggest name and producer of Ramadan advertising, with Etisalat and Mobinil fighting for second.

Orange has yet to make a strong impact on the sector and to its target audiences since its takeover of Mobinil.

Below is a comprehensive overview of the Telecommunications industry in Egypt during Ramadan– including Facebook and YouTube video campaigns.

Overall Sector Performance Insights

Ramadan Campaign Views

Ramadan Campaign Views

Ramadan Campaign Views

YouTube Insights

Telecom channels accumulative views:

Ramadan campaigns viewership:

Facebook Insights

Interactions on Campaign Analysis

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